- A Guide to Funerals and Funeral Directors
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Choosing a funeral director

Funeral directors in the UK often work in family-run businesses, some of which have been handed down through many generations. They may be independent, or part of large group. Whatever the case, by and large they share the same high standard of professionalism. However, each has its own style.

Given that a funeral is a highly personal event, taking place at a time of great sensitivity, it is important that the funeral director that you choose offers the kind of service (in terms of communication and presentation) that you need.

What are the choices?

You need to find out if the deceased had a pre-paid funeral plan with a particular funeral director, which may mean some of the arrangements have already been taken care of.

If not, you could approach, say, three funeral directors to compare their services and prices; alternatively, if you do not wish to ‘shop around’, ask for recommendations from friends, neighbours, relatives or other contacts (for example, your GP).

There are two professional associations for funeral directors in the UK, which underpin the high standards of their members through a code of practice:

Our finder should help put you in touch with your four nearest funeral directors: just enter your place-name or postcode into the search box.

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