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Coffins and caskets

Coffins can be one of the single largest items of expenditure in any funeral. Some coffins are fabulously luxurious, upholstered like the most expensive bed or limousine, finished in wood to the standards of the most exquisite cabinet maker.

There are many less extravagant options, of course. It depends what you want, and what you want to spend – and to some degree whether you are looking at a burial or a cremation. Your funeral director will be able to advise.

Unconventional options

There are no particular legal restrictions about what you use as a coffin – you don't in fact have to have a coffin at all.

These days, a number of companies offer brightly-painted coffins, representing a huge range of themes: jungle wildlife, sailing, motor racing, football teams, you name it.

Those interested in a low-cost, low-energy, recycling-themed funerals, or natural burial, may like to look at cardboard coffins: strong enough for the purpose, and delivered at as flatpack. Slightly more expensive are basket-like coffins, woven from natural fibres.

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