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Funeral transport

The shiny black hearse moving at a measured pace, leading a convoy of similarly polished limousines, or an antique funeral carriage drawn by black-plumed horses – all lend the kind of solemn dignity to a funeral that most people aspire to.

Of course, there is a cost attached, and in a way that is the point: funeral transport –  like cars in general – are an expression of status, or at least the outward appearance of it.

Funeral directors can advise, and are fully aware that costs are an understandable constraint. You can do whatever you feel is most appropriate. Mourners can always follow the hearse in their own transport.

Alternative hearses

You should know, too, that there many ways of transporting a coffin. Many people feel that a traditional black hearse is not sufficiently expressive of the life that has passed, and are looking for something with more panache. Here are are few other ideas:

  • white hearse and limousines

  • vintage motor hearse

  • motorbike (with adapted sidecar for coffin transport)

  • VW campervan

  • veteran flatbed lorry

  • adapted London double-decker Routemaster bus

  • steam railway

A Google search will soon reveal what is available in your locality.



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